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Fall Arrest & Protection

RoofStrider Kit

  • MightyLite self-retracting lifeline w/360° rotating bracket
  • Roof mounting assembly for variable pitch wood roofs (roof peaks or flat sides), most ridge vents, studs, joists, etc.
  • Hardware included for mounting on wood roofs and metal decking
  • DuraFlex stretchable harness (E850/UGN), instructional video and carrying bag (8280H/YL)

RM50G/50FTComplete system w/50-ft. (15 m) MightyLite SRL w/galvanized wire rope; includes SofStop Shock Absorber

miller-roof-strifer-2 miller-roof-strifer



Miller Roofing Fall Protection KitEasy to use and install on steep-pitched or flat-surface roofs.

  • Two reusable roof anchors
  • Steel twist-lock carabiner
  • Nylon rope lifeline
  • Manual stainless steel rope grab with 2-ft. (.6 m) webbing lanyard with shock absorber
  • DuraFlex Stretchable Harness (E850/UGN)




SeamSafe roof anchor


SeamSafe Roof Anchor3 Models to Choose From: M1, M2, M3


The SeamSafeTM Roof Anchor is a light-weight safety device that can be installed on most standing-seam roof systems quickly and easily. The portable device weighs 6.75 – 8.00 lbs, can be installed with only one wrench, and provides fall protection for up to 5000 lbs. 


Download SeamSafe PDF



Steel System Application

Steel System Application

Miller Skygrip


The SkyGrip Temporary HLL System is a fall protection anchorage system designed to attach to a suitable anchor. The stanchions of the system are commonly attached to a steel beam or concrete beam/girder. Stanchion style systems include upright posts, or stanchions, that support a horizontal line. A worker, wearing a full-body harness and using a connecting device such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline (SRL), connects to the lifeline of the system. The worker can then safely move horizontally.


Sky Grip Brochure

SP410 SkyGrip Detailed Brochure