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Remote Airline Systems

Remote Airline Systems

Remote Airline Systems:

Our Remote Airline Systems offer emergency supply air and respiratory protection for both I.D.L.H. (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) or NON-I.D.L.H. environments.

All of our Remote Airline System Cylinders are filled with fresh ambient air compressed to the Grade D standards of the Compressed Gas Association, and tested to CSA 180.1-00 Standards.

The easy to use AS1 Single is designed to work with any cylinder and can have a second cylinder added without interrupting the air supply. The frame includes adjustable straps that fit any breathing air supply cylinder.

Available in 2216, 3000, and 4500 psi configurations.

Current copy of our Breathing Air Analysis is available here.




Scott Carri-Air Portable Air Supply:

Scott Carri-Air(TM) Portable Air Supply  is ideal for confined space, HazMat, decontamination and maintenance crews. Can be used with the Air-Pak SCBA, Swat-Pak SCBA and Ska-Pak supplied air respirators. The E-Z Airline can also be used, but is restricted for use, within non-IDLH environments. All of Scott’s 4500 psi 45- and 60- min cylinders can be used.


Scott Carri-Air(TM)  allows users to work up to 300 ft (91.4 m) from the worksite.* Unit must be stationed in a non-IDLH environment. When used in IDLH atmospheres, an attendant must be present to monitor air supply with visual and/or audio contact with the worker.

Scott Carri-Air Brochure (pdf)