Why Rent

10 Good Reasons to Rent:

1. Ownership can be very expensive when equipment is idle. Combining ownership of basic equipment with safety rental equipment as needed will minimize idle time.

2. Eliminate the hidden costs of inefficiency due to the maintenance & repair incurred.

3. Use of rental equipment eliminates the need for large storage area/buildings; thus, overhead in your costs of doing business is minimized.

4. Short-Term When you need expensive equipment for a few hours, a day, a week or even a month. Specialized fire and safety equipment may not be needed again once the job is complete.

5. Seasonal or Peak-Period A period of unusually high activity in operations.

6. Breakdowns Virtually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns. However, when rented equipment breaks down, idle time is minimized by replacement equipment from the rental company.

7. Maintenance Rented equipment includes full maintenance, no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no repair technicians, and no added payroll.

8. Disposal Costs Prepairing used, obsolete equipment for re-sale, advertising, and selling time are factors of ownership that do not occur in renting.

9. Cost Control Knowing the true costs of owned equipment is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the rental invoice cost.

10. Conservation of Capital Renting equipment frees your capital for other potentially more profitable uses.