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Rental Rescue Kit

rescue utility system 200

Rescue Utility System 200

Rescue Utility System 200:

  • 4:1 ratio rescue pulley system
  • Anti-reverse Bearings
  • Only a 10 pound force is required to hold a 200 point (91kg) load
  • Rapid deployment
  • 200 feet of rope, providing 50′ (15 meter) working length

basket litter stretcher lifting bridle

Basket Litter Stretcher Lifting Bridle

Basket Litter Stretcher Lifting Bridle:

  • Heavy-duty bridle set complete with O-ring and extra strength double-locking snaps. Snaps are made of forged steel and are plated to CSA standards
  • For use with basket stretcher
  • Breaking strength – for webbing: 2955kg (6500 lbs); for hardware: 2272kg (5000 lbs)


Spinal Backboard, Plastic with Pins

Spinal Backboard, Plastic with Pins:

  • Lightweight, foam-filled polyethylene backboard with a smooth surface for easy patient transfer.
  • Runners allow easier access to the handholds for raising and lowering the board.
  • Compatible with most head immobilization devices.
  • Can be worn during x-ray procedures.
  • Suitable for water rescues.
  • Includes pins for use with speed clip restraining straps.
  • Capacity: 273 kg (600 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 45.1 x 185 x 5.7 cm (17-3/4″ x 72-3/4″ x 2-1/4″); weight: 7.3 kg (16 lbs)


Basket Litter Stretcher w/ Aluminum Frame

Basket Litter Stretcher w/ Aluminum Frame:

  • Litter frame supports in excess of 1,136 kg (2,500 lbs.)
  • Working range temperature: -50 Celsius to 82 Celsius (-60 Fahrenheit to 180 Fahrenheit)
  • Dimensions: 63.5 x 205.7 x 20.3 cm (25″ x 81″ x 8″)
  • Weight: 13.3 kg (29.3 lbs.)


Basket Litter Stretcher Dust Cover

Basket Litter Stretcher Dust Cover:

  • 100% vinyl stretcher case with two reinforced nylon webbing handles
  • Case keeps stretcher clean and protected from harmful elements
  • Unzips 3/4 of the way around its circumference to allow for easy access