AirCheck√ Kit™

The Responsibility for the Quality of Breating air Rests with the User.

The air supply compressor should be located in a safe, clean ambient air environment. This “safe” location should be tested periodically to ensure clean ambient air quality on a consistent basis. Total system air quality should be tested at the time the compressor is initially set up. If the compressor is moved, retesting air quality is recommended. Should the location or environment significantly change, the air quality should be retested



Certified laboratory air testing is now available for high pressure bottled air or low pressure compressor air requirements. Take your own samples in 10 minutes and send out for precise laboratory results. A 2LA accredited lab will test to any recognized standards, e.g., CGA, NFPA, or Federal MIL Specs. Results can be obtained in less than 3 days; same day service is available for an additional charge.