• Honeywell arm protection knitted with Spectr® Fiber; a high performance polyethylene (HPPE) which is highly effective in preventing cut, slash and abrasion.
  • Spectra Fiber is low-linting, which makes these sleeves an excellent choice for industries such as food processing, and other industries where product protection and cleanliness is important.
  • Arm Protection – Spectra® Fiber, 10″, Gray – ANSI Cut Level A6
    10 inch standard weight, gray Spectra® Fiber, bloused sleeve with elastic cuff at each end
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  • Perfect Fit – Spectra® Fiber is 10 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and provides excellent protection from cut, slash and abrasion hazards.
  • Spectra is filament fiber which decreases linting, which makes these sleeves an excellent choice for the food industry.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Food Services
  • Abrasion
  • Cut / Puncture