B10023HTAP – Auto-Air™ Cart

The Auto-Air™ Cart

The Auto-Air™ Cart provides a systems approach to breathing air filtration.  One cart contains our Grade-D filtration unit, and either a pneumatic or electric reserve air system and twin air cylinder storage.  Choose a cart size based on the desired amount of reserve air needed to allow workers to safely egress the work area.  Carts can operate with either 2400 or 5000psi cylinders. The pneumatic version should be selected for hazardous environments. 


Intrinsically Safe Auto-Air™ Cart
Complete Pneumatic Operation

Note: Intrinsically Safe (IS) CO Monitors are CSA Approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D Environments. Units are “DC” (9-Volt) Operation Only 


  • Refineries
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Refueling applications
  • Tank cleaning
  • Decon required situations
  • Grain silo entry

All lights and remote alarms are pneumatically operated and spark free. The intrinsically safe CO monitor is CSA approved and operates on 9-volt DC batteries only.