BB50-COPM – Breathing Air Panel

All portable and fixed breathing air filtration systems meet or exceed OSHA 1910.134, Canadian Z180.1 Breathing Air Standards and British Standard BS-EN12021:1999 “Respiratory Protective Devices”



Breathing Air Panels for Permanent Mounting Applications

Permanent mount Grade-D filtration systems are designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers.  The system filters compressor air to provide respirator users with Grade-D quality air.  The first stage element filters bulk water and particulate, the second stage coalescing filter removes atomized oils and ultra-fine particulate, and the third stage removes organic vapors and odors.  Filter change indicators are standard on all three filtration stages.  Filtration efficiency is 99.99% @ .01 microns.  A built-in carbon monoxide monitor operates on 9-volt DC, 115 VAC, or 8-16 VDC for continuous detection.  A high intensity audible alarm and light signals the workers of high CO content in their breathing air.  A 115 VAC electrical conduit box is provided as standard to provide AC power in and connection for AC powered remote alarms.  Filtration components are mounted on powder coated steel panel.