Breathing Air Compressors


We can offer a variety High Pressure (0-5000 psi) Breathing Air Compressors ranging from 3.5 CFM to 30 CFM. All Compressors are supplied with new Breathing Air Filters, and one month supply of Breathing Air Compressor Oil. All Breathing Air Compressors are rented out on long term rentals (minimum three months).

It is the responsibility of the renter to arrange for a Breathing Air Analysis Test to be taken from the Breathing Air Compressor that they have rented. We can provide a rental Air Sample Cylinder if required. Air samples must be taken on location where the Breathing Air Compressor is being used. Breathing Air Samples must meet Grade D standards of the Compressed Gas Association, and be tested to CSA 180.1-00 Standards.Breathing Air Samples can be sent to Aircheklab for Analysis.