Honeywell Howard Leight™ Impact® Pro Industrial Earmuff

  • Provides hearing protection + amplification of safe sounds
  • Directionally placed microphones enable natural stereo sound
  • Helps workers stay safely aware of their surroundings
  • Harmful impact noises suppressed down to a safe 82dB
  • Comfortable fit with newly designed “textile” headband
  • NRR 30


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Howard Leight Impact Pro offers some of the highest passive hearing protection available from any ear muff on the market (NRR 30), and also provides electronic amplification of safe sounds. The result is a hearing protector that provides excellent blocking of hazardous noise, while still letting you stay in touch with your surroundings. This environmental awareness helps workers stay safer on the job. Being able to hear clearly also makes it more attractive for the wearer to keep the ear muffs on and stay protected all day.

Safe sounds such as warnings, signals, and co-workers’ voices are amplified loud and clear by Impact Pro. Directionally placed microphones enhance sound in true stereo, so the amplification sounds and feels natural. Meanwhile, dangerous noises are suppressed down to a safe 82dB. For workers who need protection from ongoing background sound punctuated by very loud impact noises, the Impact Pro provides an ideal and seamless hearing protection/amplification experience. And for workers dealing with hearing impairments, the Impact Pro can significantly change the entire workday for the better.

Impact Pro ear muffs are simple to use and comfortable to wear. They are operated by an all-in-one button that controls power on/off as well as volume. There’s no mystery to how to work these electronic ear muffs: you just get effective, easy-to-use hearing protection. Impact Pro ear muffs feature well-cushioned ear cups with proper clamping force for comfortable wear. These ear cups offer Quick-Click height adjustment to customize your fit. The newly designed “textile” headband has an extra cushion, and it resists deformation even after rough treatment in tough workplaces. That means these ear muffs won’t hurt the top of your head, even after a very long day. The Impact Pro is easy to operate and equally easy to wear for extended periods.

A 3.5mm audio jack (with aux cable included) allows you to plug in your personal listening device and enjoy music while you work. The snap-in ear cushions are easy to replace, helping extend the lifespan of your Impact Pro ear muffs.

Dielectric No
Earcup Color Yellow & Black
Headband Material Steel wire, EVA, PVC, Textile
Battery 2 AAA batteries included
NRR 30
Canada Class A(L)
SNR 33 dB
SLC80 31 dB