Miller BackBiter® Tie-Back Lanyard

The Black Rhino™ Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) are ideal for concrete construction, welding, steel erection, food processing and warehouse applications.

Heavy-Duty Webbing
Heavy-duty polyester webbing and Cordura® nylon webbing with five times more abrasion resistance.

First snap The Miller BackBiter™ includes a snap hook with a 5,000-lb. (22 kN) gate load capacity from any angle.




  • First snap hook with a 5,000 lb.(22kn)gate load capacity from any angle
  • All-in-one lanyard with SofStop™ Shock Absorber and cross-arm anchorage connector
  • SofStop™ Shock Absorber pack is designed with a specially-woven inner core that smoothly expands to reduce fall arrest forces
  • Heavy-duty polyester webbing and Cordura™ nylon webbing with five times more abrasion resistance