Perfect Fit – CRT

  • Honeywell introduces it’s newest addition to the Perfect Fit, cut-resistant line.
  • Perfect Fit CRT (Cut-Resistant Technology) is exclusive to Honeywell, and offers excellent cut protection in a light weight seamless knit glove.
  • Perfect Fit CRT’s proprietary blend of cut resistant fibers offers 2 to 3 times the cut protection of other similar weight aramid gloves.
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  • Perfect Fit CRT (Cut-Resistant Technology), provide ANSI cut level 4 cut resistance in even the lightest weight, CRT13 glove.
  • CRT is a proprietary blend of cut-resistant fibers.
  • Seamless knit gloves are soft and comfortable to wear, and offer excellent dexterity and abrasion resistance.

Perfect Fit – CRT Lightweight – ANSI Cut Level 4
13-cut lightweight seamless knit of proprietary cut-resistant fibers – (Men’s, Ladies’, Jumbo)