POA-XWM – Wall Mounted POA Manifold


  • Adjustable regulator
  • 1/2″ Industrial Interchange male inlet plug
  • Pressure gauge (0-160psi)
  • Safety relief valve – set at 125psi
  • 1/4″ respirator couplings supplied with safety locks
  • Aluminum block manifold
  • Water resistant polycarbonate case
  • Rubber gasketed lid helps to prevent internal contamination
  • Unit can be taken into wet or hazardous locations


A remote air manifold is often called a Point-of-Attachment (POA). All of our remote air manifolds meet NIOSH requirements of the 87-116 (1989) document for point-of-attachment.  The Point-of-Attachment (POA) series provides remote manifold capability for respirator users, while complying with NIOSH  regulations. The POA series consists of a regulator, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and fitting congruency necessary for proper respirator operation. The POA box can be located any distance from the Grade-D filtration Breather Box™ or filtration panel. The remote air manifold (POA) assembly becomes the NIOSH attachment point for the respirators and is now limited to a maximum of 300 feet of breathing air hose at the air outlet fitting on the remote POA box.


  • Available from 1-8 outlets
  • Adjustable regulator
  • Pressure gauge (0-160psi)
  • safety relief valve – set at 125psi
  • Aluminum block manifold
  • Use with plant compressor systems