ROL-LOC Mechanical SCBA Bracket

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Self-locking – simply press the cylinder through the rolling top clamp!

The Rol-Loc features a unique, self-locking, PVC-coated top clamp to securely lock SCBA cylinders without the need for straps or levers.

To secure the cylinder, place the SCBA valve into the footplate, then press the cylinder against the top clamp. The top clamp will roll up and out of the way to accept the cylinder, and then lock closed behind it. To release, simply pull on the release cord.

NFPA compliant and third-party tested to exceed the 9G standard. Fits most SCBAs with only minor adjustments. Easy to retrofit into old or new seats. Works with most center pull releases.

Note: Due to slight variations in cylinder length between SCBAs of the same make and model, Zico strongly recommends the purchase of the Adjustable Footplate Kit.