Twin Agent Fire Extinguisher Units


Capable of suppressing 3,000 sq ft (279 sq m) of flammable liquid fire within 90 seconds using one operator.

  • 450 lb. PK / 100 gal. AFFF
  • PK 27 ft. Range
  • AFFF 18 ft. Range
  • PK. 90 Second Discharge Time
  • AFFF. 100 Second Discharge Time


Twin-Agent Fire Protection refers to the “twin-attack” capabilities of dry chemical and foam fire extinguishing agents. Whenever a hazard area requires fast knockdown and securement, twin-agent systems are often recommended.

The basic principle of the Twin-Agent Concept is the combined benefits of Purple-K dry chemical agent with those of AFFF agent. Purple K is a potassium bicarbonate based dry chemical which provides rapid flame knockdown and extinguishment. It is particularly effective on pressure, running and spill fires, making it a primary extinguishing agent for flammable liquid fires. Purple-K is compatible with AFFF foam
and can be used without regard to order of application.

AFFF a synthetic aqueous film-forming foam, is used to blanket the fuel with a thin film thus preventing the escape of flammable vapors. It also provides some degree of cooling.

The major advantage of the twin-agent concept is that the dry chemical agent can provide fast knockdown of the fire while the AFFF agent provides securement of the hazard area. When used in combination, most three dimension, running and pressure fires can be extinguished by a single trained operator. The twin agent attack provides the most effective extinguishing and securing capability known for many flammable liquid fires.