WALKAWAY Spring Clip Brackets – Assembled

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The ORIGINAL Spring Clip Bracket – Accept no imitations!

The WALKAWAY Bracket sures the SCBA firmly in place with two spring clips. To stow, simply place the valve on the footplate and push cylinder into the clips. To remove, just pull the cylinder free.

A bracket consists of one backplate, one short footplate, and two spring clips. Per NFPA regulations, these brackets can only be used in non-crew areas/the station unless the apparatus was manufactured prior to 2003.

Coating Material:

All bracket components are coated with a specially-formulated thermoplastic. This durable crack/peel-resistant coating protects the bracket from rust, prevents damage to the cylinder, and provides a slippery finish for easier cylinder removal.


Three sizes of hardened steel spring clips are available. Clips are engineered with unique, rounded ends to provide a smooth bearing surface and prevent gouging or marring of cylinder. To find the proper clip size for your specific cylinder, call us at 1-800-711-FIRE.

Clips are available with three different coatings designed to protect the air cylinder through repeated stowing and unstowing cycles. “Standard” is ideal for low to moderate use. “High Cycle” for moderate to high use. And “Full High Cycle” for constant use.

Assembled vs. Unassembled:

Assembled: Bracket is assembled at our factory for immediate mounting. The proper clips are affixed to the backplate and footplate is bolted to the backplate in the position required for your SCBA.

Knock-Down (Unassembled): Bracket requires assembly in the field. All hardware is included. Requires a few minutes’ time with a Torx head screwdriver and 7/16″ wrench. The more economical option.


UN-5-, UN-6-, UN-7-, UH-5-, UH-6-, UH-7-